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Hungry for Mondrian Bento Box

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We love bento boxes - a lunch box filled with normally the freshest combination of ingredients of the day to create the most scrummy meal. Normally it will include a combination of savoury dishes and a small dessert together within the lunch box.

Here, we are absolutely hungry for this bento box created by Yum Tang, a visual designer / food photographer in Beijing, China. As part of her collaboration with the IBM Thinkpad laptop, she has created a colour rich quirky and fun Mondrian colour Bento lunch box to be displayed onto the laptop.

The Mondrian bento box contains ingredients from that are vibrant in colours, from bright red watermelon, coral orange salmon to contrasting white noodles and rice along with some purple sweet potatoes all neatly lined up in a mondrian styled square and rectangle shaped cubicles within the lunch box.

Based on the shapes of the ingredients in the Bento box, we love how Yum has utilised the shapes and colours of the ingredients and translated them to digital prints.

We are so hungry for it both in colour and taste.

Behind the scene ink sketch preparation for creating Mondrian Bento Box
Animated gif for creating bento box
japanese bento box in Mondrian Style
Mondrian art print in photography vs in graphic design print format

Pantone Fruit Smoothie

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Pantone Smoothie a project by Michael Kushner and Hedvig Kushner that documents delicious fruity smoothie recipes along with a matching pantone smoothie swatch. Yum!

Online Carrot Museum

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Who loves carrots? We do. We have included carrots in our Sunday Roast Pencils. On the 4th April, it's International Carrot Day #InternationalCarrotDay. We are glad to have stumbled upon the World Carrot Museum. It is a virtual museum that has pretty much all the information on carrots, from shapes, sizes, colour, A to Z on the different varieties and even a fine art page on carrots. The fine art page include works of René Magritte and Henri Matisse.

Our favourite part of the museum apart from from the A to Z of the different varieties of carrots is that it has a floor plan to help navigate around the museum. Every room is a link to a different section of the website. We particularly love the name of the room "Vitamin A" and "Wild Carrot".  For recipes, you can just click on "Carrot Cafe" on the map. Hooray for Carrots! 

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

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Who loves toast? Especially when toast is combined with a topping of kawaii art? That is us. Foodie Nayoko Kobayashi from the Japanese prefecture of Kanagawa combines the cutest icons, from emojis, rainbows, beer glasses, mushrooms, flowers to minions and decorate the humble white sliced toast bread with a background of cream cheese and colourful glossy application of jam. 

Here's some of our favourites of Nayoko's creations which can be found via Instagram account @Nayoko054 including watermelon, sushi, doughnuts, burger, milkshake and really cute fruits - check that 3D grape effect!

Food for thought : probably a British version of toast bread art could be with scones, clotted cream and jam?