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UK Public Transport Sorry For The Inconvenience

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With many different transport providers in Britain our public commute can get disruptive. Thanks to website “Sorry For The Inconvenience” , it keeps us up to date with transport disruptions and apologies by aggregating all the apologies broadcasted by different transport providers across the UK in one website. After all, the British is well known for apologising.

The website has a landing page designed to look like a British train ticket (cute!), and all the different transport provider represented in their respective brand colours. From pink for Hammersmith and City line on the London Underground, likewise yellow for the Circle line, to orange for Easy Jet, blue and yellow for Eurostar.

Perfect Sandwich Ratios

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This is kinda big cheese. It's British Sandwich Week, from the 20th to 26th May 2018, a week dedicated to celebrate bread with fillings. In the UK, we consume around 3,500,000,000 sandwiches a year. So how do we construct a perfect sandwich?

Thanks to the cheese makers, West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers, that makes PDO (protected designation of origin) status cheddar cheeses have constructed a "Sandwich Computer" which they have called "The Sarniematic & Cheddar-O-Meter", that will give you the perfect formula and ratio, the ratio apparently called the "Sarnie Strata Ratio" to make the perfect sandwich.

We love the little quirks and puns that come with the Sandwich robot, especially when it asks whether you would like to have any lettuce with your sandwich. If it's a no, they have termed it "Leaf it out". If you have pickle and mayonnaise together on your sarnie, you will be given a "Cross Dressing Alert"! Tee hee hee. We like the humour. 

Perfect Sandwiches.png
Perfect sandwich measurements and ratio. Note*: Cross dressing alert when Mayonnaise and Pickle are added to the sandwich. Whoops!

Perfect sandwich measurements and ratio. Note*: Cross dressing alert when Mayonnaise and Pickle are added to the sandwich. Whoops!

H&M Harry and Meghan's Wedding Memorabilia

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Royal wedding fever! It's about a week to go to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding at Windsor Castle. London communications agency KesselsKramer has set up a website Unroyal Wedding, an unruly play on some alternative Royal Wedding souvenirs, filled with irreverent humour printed on plates that are commemorative memorabilia to celebrate the royal wedding in an unroyal way. 

For football fans out there, this set of unroyal crockery also has a cheeky take on the fact that the royal wedding is held on the same day as the FA cup, so wedding or football? Both are possible. For fashion fans out there, H&M gets a mention too.

Online Carrot Museum

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Who loves carrots? We do. We have included carrots in our Sunday Roast Pencils. On the 4th April, it's International Carrot Day #InternationalCarrotDay. We are glad to have stumbled upon the World Carrot Museum. It is a virtual museum that has pretty much all the information on carrots, from shapes, sizes, colour, A to Z on the different varieties and even a fine art page on carrots. The fine art page include works of René Magritte and Henri Matisse.

Our favourite part of the museum apart from from the A to Z of the different varieties of carrots is that it has a floor plan to help navigate around the museum. Every room is a link to a different section of the website. We particularly love the name of the room "Vitamin A" and "Wild Carrot".  For recipes, you can just click on "Carrot Cafe" on the map. Hooray for Carrots! 

New York Love Stories

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Falling in love is memorable especially to read that NYMAG has asked its readers to submit their love stories around New York and displayed them in map form, by location of where the serendipidious of romance occurred. As romantics, love stories are our thing, our kind of good reads.

London, please have one soon too. 

New York Love Map.png