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Online Carrot Museum

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Who loves carrots? We do. We have included carrots in our Sunday Roast Pencils. On the 4th April, it's International Carrot Day #InternationalCarrotDay. We are glad to have stumbled upon the World Carrot Museum. It is a virtual museum that has pretty much all the information on carrots, from shapes, sizes, colour, A to Z on the different varieties and even a fine art page on carrots. The fine art page include works of René Magritte and Henri Matisse.

Our favourite part of the museum apart from from the A to Z of the different varieties of carrots is that it has a floor plan to help navigate around the museum. Every room is a link to a different section of the website. We particularly love the name of the room "Vitamin A" and "Wild Carrot".  For recipes, you can just click on "Carrot Cafe" on the map. Hooray for Carrots!