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Pie is 3.14 and more

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It's clearly pie weather. Brr.... and with the new pie emoji we simply couldn't resist the temptation of not doing a blog post on pie.

Via Instagram we came across these beautiful pie designs via instagram account LokoKitchen. It's beautifully in many ways, the lines, the stacking, the colours, the geometrics to a certain extent that remind of us of spirographs. Definitely more yum and fun than what a normal 3.14 pie circle will have. Delish! Fancy some pie?

12 Days of Christmas

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This is the first year that we have designed a Christmas Card collection. Bon voyage! 👋🎅🏻 We snail mailed our Santa Christmas cards off and remembered an old collection of illustrated Christmas stamps we had.

This stamp collection is based on the lyrics of the Christmas carol “12 Days of Christmas”. The stamp collection included the illustrations of Five Golden Rings, Four Calling birds, Three French Hens, Two turtle doves, and of course a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

For more than 50 years, the Royal Mail releases stamps to celebrate festivities and events in the UK. Just last week, the Christmas stamps for this year have been released. (Yay!) In addition to stamps that have artwork featuring Madonna and Child, there are two stamps, a first class stamp that features Santa and his sleigh and a second class stamp that features a Snowman family.

Both of these stamps were illustrated by two children, selected from a national competition with over 200,000 entries. It’s a set of really cute illustrated stamps. They could be found on the Royal Mail website. We love them. It is only the 4th time in Royal Mail’s 500 year history that children had designed Christmas stamps. We have just picked up some this afternoon for our Christmas post 🎅🏻🎄💌📮-

Santa Claus Card.jpeg
12 Days of Christmas Vintage Stamps.jpeg

Plants on Pink

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Despite the trends and abundance of millennial pink around the Internet, there is just something pretty and warming about the colour combination of plants matched up with different shades of pink backgrounds. The Instagram account by Lotte Van Baalen magically captures just this, and aptly named Plants on Pink .

Plants On Pink.png

British Biscuits

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Biscuits are always on our minds, especially during elevenses, when biscuits are dunked in a hot drink. Mark O'Brien a cardboard craftsman based in Manchester crafts amazing objects out of cardboard as props for theatres, shop displays etc. The objects he has created included shoes, robots, post boxes. Our favourite, however, are definitely these signature British biscuits including Custard Cream, Pink Wafer, Digestive, Party Ring, Bourbon cream - not dunkable but definitely adorable.

British Biscuits.jpg

All Day Breakfast

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Lazy Autumn Sunday has us craving for warm cooked brunch. We love discovering brunch places on a weekend enjoying breakfast and reading the papers. This brings us back fond memories in Tokyo 🇯🇵 when we head to “World Breakfast All Day” in Shibuya, Tokyo not far from Omotesandō, 表参道.

This little cute spot not only is the decor delectable. The shelfie, displays of packaging, menu and graphics are fun, eclectic, full of retro vibes and nostalgias; featuring breakfasts from different parts of the world. It’s a feast for the belly and eyes. We always have a soft spot for a fryup, the smell of bacon and eggs.

We think the term “All Day Breakfast” is greatly apt as we can really have breakfast food all day! 😋🍳🥓🍞☕️.

PS. If you are a paper crafts lover, they have published a book on origami breakfasts too 🙋🏻‍♀️❤️📔✂️

A shelfie of packaging delights  

A shelfie of packaging delights  

Soul satisfying working kitchen with retro vibes

Soul satisfying working kitchen with retro vibes

Royal baking powder brings back on nostalgic memories

Royal baking powder brings back on nostalgic memories

Cute product graphics descriptions blurb on breakfast condiments and ingredients from around the world  

Cute product graphics descriptions blurb on breakfast condiments and ingredients from around the world  

Origami paper breakfast  

Origami paper breakfast  

Full English Breakfast - Eggs, Baked Beans, Fried Bread, Sausages, Tomatoes and Hash Brown

Full English Breakfast - Eggs, Baked Beans, Fried Bread, Sausages, Tomatoes and Hash Brown

The address is as follows:

World Breakfast All Day

3-1-23-1F Jingumae

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Christmas Baubles

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These vintage Christmas baubles from London based illustrator May Van Millingen definitely kickstarts the Christmas cheers for us as we prepare for the season. The characters, the colours, the details, the pen and ink strokes definitely strokes of genius. In addition, if you are a foodie like us, check out May's other illustrations, they are delicious. 

Christmas Baubles.jpg
Vintage Christmas Baubles.jpg
Christmas Decorations.jpg

DIY Ghost Pinatas

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Hallow hallow! It's nearly Halloween. The time of the year where we like to have a lot of fun when ghosts, frankensteins, vampires are running rife. Booooooooo! Keep it spooky!

Piñatas are the way to go for Halloween, as it can combine both the trick AND treat elements (instead of trick OR treat) all rolled up together in one. FUN! These piñatas will make fab Halloween party favours, part of the decorations or place settings. 

There are bound to be some lonely toilet rolls lurking around, why not reuse them and make something cute prior to recycling.


MATERIALS (to make 1 piñata)

  • Toilet roll
  • White crepe paper
  • A4 Paper 
  • Treats - sweets or chocolates of choice. Snack size chocolates are perfect as well as halloween themed candies and chocolates including bloodshot eyeballs, pumpkins etc
  • Tricks - little scary toys such as plastic spiders, scary finger puppets, eyeballs, dracula fangs etc
  • Confetti - if ready made confetti is not available it's straight forward to make your own by cutting strips of paper, or teasing bits of cotton wool will work too to fill the cavity of the toilet roll
  • Little scary message - these could be little scary comments which could be printed or handwritten. Extra touches could include writing these notes with a red marker, or dip your fingers in red ink and write the little notes with your fingers to make it more scary. 
  • Black round stickers for the eyes - if stickers are not available, this could be substituted with using a black marker instead to draw the eyes of the ghosts on the piñata


  • pencil
  • scissors
  • double sided tape
  • white masking tape / washi tape


  1. Place the end of the toilet roll on top of an A4 piece of paper. Use a pencil to trace around the toilet roll. Draw a larger circle around the first circle, around 1cm larger. Cut around the larger circle. Make fray slits around the circle by cutting from the larger circle into the border of smaller circle. These fray slits will help to bend the larger circle over one end of the toilet roll and act as a lid. Repeat this step as there needs to be 2 lids to secure the ends of the toilet roll, one lid for each end of the toilet roll.
  2. Use white masking tape or white washi tape to tape one of the lids on to one end of the toilet roll. Make sure the lid securely covers the complete end of the toilet roll.
  3. Fill the toilet roll with goodies. Confetti, little spooky toys, candy and chocolate treats and include a spooky message.
  4. Take the second lid that has been made in step 1, and tape the lid to the open end of the toilet roll. Now both ends of the toilet roll should be closed.
  5. Take the crepe paper, wrap it around the toilet roll widthwise, to estimate the length of crepe paper required to cover the circumference of the toilet roll. Cut around 8 strips of crepe paper and fringe the edges. Start from one end of the base, stick white fringe crepe paper onto the toilet roll using double-sided tape. Repeat until the whole toilet roll is covered with white fringe crepe paper.
  6. Peel off 2 circle black stickers, add onto the roll to make eyes for the ghost. Alternatively, a black marker could be used instead to draw the features of the ghost piñata. Whahey, a ghost piñata, repeat to make more! Distribute the spook. 
Ghost Pinata.JPG

Happy Halloween! Show off your BOO-tys and have a spooktacular one!

P.S. Other treat option, Frankenstein Frank Halloween Treat Bags