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Say Period to Period Poverty

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Period is a regular periodic occurrence in many women’s calendars.

As someone with long and heavy periods, the inconveniences and embarrassing moments a heavy period could bring, feminine hygiene products are a must-have (!) and not a nice-to-have luxury. We know how it feels.

We are long supporters and passionate about the campaign to stop period poverty by regularly donating sanitary products in our local supermarkets.

In a research conducted in 2018, one in ten young women in the UK have been unable to afford sanitary products. This could lead to serious consequences from girls not attending school in addition to inconveniences in day to day life. Not ovaryacting here, it’s important that feminine hygiene products are available across the board as essentials. Over 137,700 children in the UK have missed school as they were not able to afford feminine hygiene products to have access to do. This also means some girls ended up with their own make-shift DIY workarounds which may not be hygienic, let alone traumatic to have to go through it every month to think about solutions to resolve a monthly occurrence.

The idea where girls have to either stay at home due to the inconveniences with the unavailability of sanitary products, feeling awkward and embarrassed, to creating make shift options as alternatives are not acceptable.

We really want to be able to help say Period to Period Poverty. The organisations that have a good support network and outreach of the donation includes:

When we created our “In Few Words” collection of greeting cards. A collection of cards that contains 36 colour coded words including all the spectrum of colours in the colour palette from red to black. With each colour, we have complimentary coloured text. The concept of the greeting cards is to use as few words as possible on each card and express feelings straight to the point. For the colour way maroon, or oxblood we have included the word “Period”.

Period the word has multiple meanings, from meaning end of, the punctuation mark that is same as a full stop, and of course the physiology of the shedding of the uterus lining.

This card provides multiple conversation starters from end of an era, and moving onto new adventures, relationships, jobs to supporting a good cause to end period poverty.

Beyond International Women’s Day, for each card purchased, we are committed to donate 50p donation to help combat Period Poverty by contributing to the above mentioned charities. Let’s say PERIOD - to period poverty! Pick up you PERIOD card here and help spread the word to end period poverty!