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Playful Cat Lady - Definitely Not Crazy

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Cat lady has a bad press for being crazy people. Nope, definitely not. We love them. It is totes adorbs to have an amazing bond between humans and their caterrific feline companions. This human-pet duo relationship is brilliantly celebrated through the blog / website Girls and The Cat - photographer - Brooklyn based fashion photographer Brianne Wills.

Brianne has photographed and interviewed over 200 cat ladies along with their cats across the United States. The stories are heart warming, as many of the meows were found through rescue and adoption. The posts are super sweet and also give us a glimpse into the decor and bond; cats, humans and decor - love! Here are some of our favourite interviews and cat poses ( the movements of cats have been beautifully captured by Brianne ).

Find out more about Girls and Their Cats on the website https://girlsandtheircats.com

Illustrator Catherine and Cat Edgar, New York

Illustrator Catherine and Cat Edgar, New York

Art gallery manager Liz and Cat Junebug, Philadelphia

Art gallery manager Liz and Cat Junebug, Philadelphia

Graphic designer Ali Kasper and Cat Senator Milk Mann, Portland

Graphic designer Ali Kasper and Cat Senator Milk Mann, Portland

Art Director Gabrielle and Cat Fievel, New York

Art Director Gabrielle and Cat Fievel, New York

Journalist / Editor Jessica and Janetta, New York

Journalist / Editor Jessica and Janetta, New York

Photos courtesy of Girls and Their Cats

Travel in a Wes Anderson Colour Palette

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As avid travellers, we always love to plan our next destination of travel. Thru traveling, it brings us lots of new knowledge, inspirations and memories. We love to travel like a local, learn the lingo, enjoy local food, and bathe in the culture.

Meet our latest crush: Accidentally Wes Anderson, a website and Instagram account @AccidentallyWesAnderson that hosts pictures from many beautiful travel destinations in a Wes Anderson kind of quirky, colour palette and theme. Many of the pictures collated could just be that scene in a Wes Anderson movie in breathtaking locations from Argentina, North Korea, Taiwan, India, to of course London and Wales! That super cute pastel pink museum Seurasaari Open-Air Museum in Helsinki, oh hello! You are on our bucket list!

In addition to the beautiful destinations that were photographed by it’s community of travellers from around the world - pictures include buildings, architecture to landscapes, but, this site / instagram account does more than that. The account also captures the cute transportation, from cable cars (Yes very Wes Anderson), train cabins, and also local gems and communal artefacts from phone boxes, fun words and text on buildings, parks, post boxes and ticket counters. Our kind of encounter - in fact this site is our current daydream destination. The colours captured from hues of pastels, pinks, to blues and greens, hints of red, burst of yellow. That’s what we call dreamy!

If you have any pictures from a Wes Anderson-esque holiday, you can also submit your snaps via this link on their website. Snap snap!

Below are some of our favourite pictures (we actually love them all - it’s possible!).

Bon voyage!

Photographs of Mini-Me - Like Owner Like Dog

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We have long believed that dogs and their owners are look-alikes and vice versa. This collection of photos by renowned British animal portrait photographer Gerrard Gethings just proof it. This fun set of photographs pairs the dog owners with their owners, totes doggelgängers! We love it! Woof!

We think taking pictures with pets are hard, selfie? We can forget about it, and this is a pearl of wisdom:

Taking pictures of animals is tricky in almost every way. I have never met one with even the slightest interest in photography. - Gerrard Gethings

To find out if the personality of your dogs matches yours, here’s a personality test to find out.

Santa Claus is Real in London

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Just like where’s wally, Santa spotting has just gotten real in London, especially via instagram account @SantaClausLondon. Follow to see Mr. Santa Claus, for real.

Pink Bananas Are Real

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If all our fruits were pink. First, Bananas. Ab fab pink bananas images created by HaloKidnapper. Cool bananas!

Paper Lover's Favourite Pantone Palettes

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As paper and stationery lovers, these pantone palettes will be something we can't live without. From washi paper, glitter, sprinkles, holographic, confetti. Simply fun! Thank you Maria Marie for these wonderful pantone shots that are perfect compliments to any paper projects. Just like add-ons we need for any ice cream sundae. Sweet. 

Floral Arrangements Balloon Style

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Berlin based artist Sarah Illenberger's new work Solid Air which features photography prints of balloon floral bouquets are a real joy. The fun composition of balloons in different colours, shapes and pattern captured in these photo prints are wünderbar! The colour combinations are a real pop of joy. Florally pleased flower arrangements. 

Let's Stair Staircase Photography

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Let's stare. These wonderful stairs and staircases are a subset found under the Instagram hashtag #ihavethisthingwithstairs. Clearly we love a good stare, (stair in this case) at these architectural beauts.