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Reminiscing Speak and Spell

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Every Sunday, the Design Museum in London hosts #FontSunday on Twitter for font lovers to have a good discussion about fonts. The themes are different every week.

Recently the theme was on Electronic Display Fonts. This reminded us of one of our favourite toys from our childhood the “Speak & Spell”. It was our favourite accessory that we will always carry on our arms ( more than we would with a handbag ).

So glad to have found a Speak and Spell emulator online, and it has the same electronic synthesised voice. It’s so cool. The emulator is developed by Jake Smith, based on the original iconic toy developed by Texas Instrument. Try it yourself and play this retro toy Speak and Spell toy online.

P.S. This emulator seems to only work on Safari.

Photographs of Mini-Me - Like Owner Like Dog

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We have long believed that dogs and their owners are look-alikes and vice versa. This collection of photos by renowned British animal portrait photographer Gerrard Gethings just proof it. This fun set of photographs pairs the dog owners with their owners, totes doggelgängers! We love it! Woof!

We think taking pictures with pets are hard, selfie? We can forget about it, and this is a pearl of wisdom:

Taking pictures of animals is tricky in almost every way. I have never met one with even the slightest interest in photography. - Gerrard Gethings

To find out if the personality of your dogs matches yours, here’s a personality test to find out.

Fashion In Paper Cut Style

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With London Fashion Week in town, the new Christian Dior exhibition and the Great British sewing bee back on the telly box, plenty of fashion events happening around in London. This reminds us of a very beautifully made series of paper sculptures made by paper artist Matthew Sporzynski that is focussed on objects related to fashion, couture, handbag and shoes for magazine Real Simple. J’adore.

Love Word Search Paper Card Game

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This Galentine’s and Valentine’s lands on a school night, we will be staying at home. To add extra fun to our hand written Valentine’s Card, we have created a Word Search where you will be able to download via our DIY “Free Printables” section. Simply, print it off on and tuck it into your Valentine’s or Galentine’s card or gift.

Print two copies so that and you can do the word search together!

Have plenty of fun finding the 9 words in this word search card! This word search is filled with all the lovey dovey words we love!

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How To Make Sweetheart Candy Hearts

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We love sweetheart candies. The iconic love heart candies with super sweet lovey dovey messages printed on pastel colour shades sweets. We love them so much we’ve created a pencil set inspired by them. With this Candy Heart Generator, you can create your own range of sweetheart candies with your own terms of endearment. Type in your own message, pick a candy heart shade, download the digital version of your treat, and add them to your emails, WhatsApp or text messages and send your own version of these sweets to your loved ones. Our personalised ones would definitely have to include pencils, just because. Totes dentists approved!

P.S. This February 14th, Valentine’s day, there will be a lack of these classic American sweetheart candies. This over 153 year old sweetie, founded since 1866 by US sweet company NECCO is currently under a change of hands of the company. Hence digital versions of these classic conversation heart sweeties are perfect for your sweet nothings. For the British, we have the LOVE HEARTS by sweet company Swizzels - sweet!