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Travel in a Wes Anderson Colour Palette

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As avid travellers, we always love to plan our next destination of travel. Thru traveling, it brings us lots of new knowledge, inspirations and memories. We love to travel like a local, learn the lingo, enjoy local food, and bathe in the culture.

Meet our latest crush: Accidentally Wes Anderson, a website and Instagram account @AccidentallyWesAnderson that hosts pictures from many beautiful travel destinations in a Wes Anderson kind of quirky, colour palette and theme. Many of the pictures collated could just be that scene in a Wes Anderson movie in breathtaking locations from Argentina, North Korea, Taiwan, India, to of course London and Wales! That super cute pastel pink museum Seurasaari Open-Air Museum in Helsinki, oh hello! You are on our bucket list!

In addition to the beautiful destinations that were photographed by it’s community of travellers from around the world - pictures include buildings, architecture to landscapes, but, this site / instagram account does more than that. The account also captures the cute transportation, from cable cars (Yes very Wes Anderson), train cabins, and also local gems and communal artefacts from phone boxes, fun words and text on buildings, parks, post boxes and ticket counters. Our kind of encounter - in fact this site is our current daydream destination. The colours captured from hues of pastels, pinks, to blues and greens, hints of red, burst of yellow. That’s what we call dreamy!

If you have any pictures from a Wes Anderson-esque holiday, you can also submit your snaps via this link on their website. Snap snap!

Below are some of our favourite pictures (we actually love them all - it’s possible!).

Bon voyage!

Let's Travel In Pantone Colours

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Lovers of traveling and colours? Discover the hashtag on Instagram #PantoneOntheRoad from Lucia Litman who also brought us other Pantone colour swatching delights.  We particularly love the shade of Vacation, yay vacay!

London Travel : Weekend Guide : Let our Underground Pencils Guide You

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As part our product descriptions, we include a section called "Designer's Random Facts" to detail our inspiration / reason behind our creations.

Traveling is one our favourite past times, (especially via public transport). For our London Underground Pencils, we have picked 6 of our most frequented London Underground stations. Based on the London Tube map concept, we have created an animated gif to showcase some of our favourite hangouts in London, easily accessible for tube, especially for an unplanned weekend.

  • Columbia Flower Market on Sunday  - ( Orange Overground Line ) 
  • Camden Town Canal Walk to Little Venice - ( Black Northern Line )
  • Visit the Shard - ( Silver Jubilee Line / Black Northern Line ) 
  • Head to Smack Deli for a Lobster Roll - ( Red Central Line / Silver Jubilee Line ) 
  • Refill at Poîlane for a coffee + a tartine - ( Yellow / Green Circle and District Line  ) 
  • Cartoon Museum for some comic love - ( Blue Piccadilly / Red Central Line )

P.S. Mind the foiling. Our pencils have the colour of the tube lines and the colour of the interchanges all covered.