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OMG 1 week to Top Drawer

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We are 1 week away from our first trade fair at Top Drawer London . Excited! Just couple of days into the new year and it's been H-E-C-T-I-C , we have officially entered status "Busy Bee Land". 

First off, we are getting new products ready. Yay! New product launch. From the lovely feedback we have received from our customers at Old Street we are attempting to push out new products in 2 weeks ( yes, with the holidays in between... eek! slightly mad but we have got to just try it ) , designing our product catalogue and also prepping for our stand. I AM A mad smiley!

Ok. Now, product catalogue. Must fess up, it was not straight forward in deciding which products to include into the catalogue , here's the trail of thoughts :

  1. Top sellers from Old Street
  2. Fun factor
  3. Eeny, meeny, miny, mo ( Yup, you betcha -  We run out of juice and reasons too. )

For the product catalogue cover design, we will include a shade of Green. Yum! So far, green has not really been a featured colour in I AM A, maybe it's time. N'est-ce pas?

Here's a glimpse of the product catalogue cover, with a seamless striped pattern :


P.S. Eternally grateful to all the suppliers, printers, whom have given us time slots to make sure our new products, catalogues are delivered on time for Top Drawer.