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OM Sweetie Pie. It's the season of love.

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OM Sweetie Pie .. stands for Oh My Sweetie Pie! Bit cheeky here.

3 weeks to Valentine's Day and our red and pink pencils from our themed Sweetie Pie I Love You Pencils are ready to be delivered to all the sweetie pies out there.

If you love it, say it. #loveitsayit . We have designed the pencils for extra butterflies in the tummy and je ne sais quoi we have included love sayings in french and italian too imprinted on to pencils in gold foiling. Ooh la la! Baci! 

Gift sweetie pie pencils this Valentine's Day, your love, kisses and smile will be filled in sketches and writing. We have animated our sweetie pie pencils with cutie pie red and pink love hearts too.

Oh yay! Offer time too. Order by 3rd February 2015, when you enter code "SweetiePie20" at check out you will get 20% off too.