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Edible Chocolate Stationery Box

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This chocolate box has to be the most stationery nutrient dense gift for stationery lovers. Chocolate crayons, chocolate fountain pen, chocolate mechanical pencil, chocolate pencil sharpener, chocolate scissors…chocolate stationery dreams for the chocolate loving stationery lover.

Super amaze balls chocolate stationery box from Choc On Choc.

A Thankful Thanksgiving

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Ta! Thank you every one. It's the time of the year to give thanks. We have many things to be grateful and thankful for. Most importantly thank YOU.

Here we go! Our one day sale of the year. 30% off the entire store ends 5pm GMT 25/11/2016.

Enter code "TA" at checkout.

P.S. Sorry, although we do not have a serving of pecan / pumpkin pie... but we have sweetie pie! Always a YES to cranberry sauce, custard cream and many yummy things. All things to be thankful of.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


National Espresso Day

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23rd November is National Espresso Day! Woohoo! As coffee fiends, think the body clock kinda fine tunes to national coffee days... this morning an extra coffee boost please!

So let's turbo charge our day with a double shot of espresso, for double happiness. Coffee Twinning eh? ☕️☕️👯‍♂️👯🙂🙃 Double Espresso = Coffee twins... yay! New formula.

Whether you spell Espresso with a "S"  or with a "X" Expresso, may we wish you an awesome caffeinated day and happily full of beans! 

Espresso pencils - part of  Coffee Buzz Buzz pencil set

Espresso pencils - part of Coffee Buzz Buzz pencil set

I AM A X Shop At The Museum at Le Bon Marché

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Bonjour Paris! Together with Shop At The Museum we have created 3 brilliant set of pencils for their Paris pop up at Le Bon Marché.

The pencils are all in French including our favourite things about France - pâtisserie, joie de vivre and the Paris Métro.

1. Joie De Vivre Pencil Set

The joie de vivre pencil set have many of the french daily life we love. This includes:

  • Bruncher

  • Bouquiner

  • Paresser

  • Danser

  • Chiner

  • Embrasser

French Way of Life Pencils

2. Pâtisserie Pencil Set

The pâtisserie pencil set have all our favourite French pastries. This includes:

  • Tarte aux fraises

  • Paris-Brest

  • Mont-Blanc

  • Madeleine

  • Macaron

  • Eclair

In the process of designing these pencils and shooting the below photo, we gobbled many macarons from our all time favourite Pierre Hermé. They always have the most innovative and cool flavours of macarons - jasmine tea, mandarin and olive oil, chocolate and earl grey tea are divine.

Le Bon Marché Paris limited edition patisserie pencils

3. Paris Métro Pencil Set

Our favourite Métro stations in Paris. The thing about Paris Métro stations, every Métro station has a different decor or different theme. We love cruising along the Métro lines, as some stations are just like visiting a museum, a piece of art in its own right.

Like our London Underground Pencil Set, the Paris Métro pencils the colour of the lines and their interchange foiled onto HB pencils.

  • Odeon

  • Saint-germain des Près 

  • Opera

  • Bastille

  • Invalides

  • Louvre-Rivoli

Le Bon Marché Paris limited edition Paris Metro stations pencils

These are all Limited Edition designs, and could only be purchased directly from Shop At The Museum at Le Bon Marche between now and Christmas. A great souvenir and gift from Paris!

As the famous saying goes from the movie Sabrina by Audrey Hepburn - Paris is always a good idea!

National Stationery Week

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This week is National Stationery Week, and World Stationery Day is on the 29th April 2015. So mark your calendars.

The tag line for this year's National Stationery Week is to #getBritainwriting. Sharpen your pencils and get writing - don't forget to add fun in your stationery collection too.

For our own stationery collection, we like a mix and match of Vintage found stationery and modern ones too.  YOUSE, a stationery store which we found online has a good quirky and fun mix of found vintage stationery.

From the photo above:

1. Vintage Lip Pencil sharpener from Youse

2. OMG Pencil from Morse Code Pencils Set

Pick Me Up London @ Somerset House

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Pick Me Up - a yearly Graphics Arts Festival that is hosted in Somerset House is one of our most favoured yearly exhibition in London. 

It is not only an event that showcases a lot of wonderful graphics artists - where the artists create work through a number of different mediums, from Photographs, Watercolour, Print, Sculptures etc. The 12 day Graphics Art Festival at the Embankment Galleries at Somerset House also hosts a number of interactive workshops. This year, for example there are book binding workshop from Hato Press, Screen printing from Peckham Print Studio, Cats and Pugs Bunting Making with Gemma Correll with Ohh Deer.

Apart from interactive workshops, there is also a number of very interesting talks given from publishers and agencies that represents artists and illustrators. The link attached will allow you to download this year's Pick Me Up Schedule. 

We are very lucky (and super duper over the moon) to have our work both stocked at Rizzoli Bookshop at Somerset House, as well as this year's Pick Me Up Festival. We can't thank the team at Rizzoli Bookshop any much more especially to see our work nestled seamlessly amongst other artists.

Pick Me Up Somerset House Shop.jpg
Pick Me Up Somerset House Stationery.jpg

Our English Biscuit Pencils and Happy Thoughts Notebooks along with Magma Books and The School of Life.

Our Have a Lucky One Badge Message Card along with Leather notebooks from Undercover, The Psychology of Colour Colouring Pencils Set and Aphorisms Cards from The School of Life

Pick Me Up 2015 Event Details :

Date : 23 April 2015 - 4 May 2015

Time : 10am - 6pm (Wednesday and Thursdays Late until 10pm)

Location : Somerset House, Embankment Galleries, South Wing

P.S. We suggest getting a Festival Pass for Pick Me Up so you can drop in any time during the 12 day event.