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Hurrah! Yay! We have been shortlisted for an award!


Our website has a dot london domain - iama.london . At the end of 2015, Dot London, London's very own domain has launched the inaugural Dot London Small Business Awards. We are extemely happy, over the moon, completely in awe and ecstatic to be shortlisted as the finalist for the category of "Dot Londoner of the Year".


The award's judges include head judge, BBC's Dragons' Den, entrepreneur Sarah Willingham, along with a judging team which include some of London's most prominent brands, including Meantime BreweryOliver BonasBrompton BikesMade.com and LEON Restaurants.

We Need Your Help 

Till 8th Janaury 2016, we'll require everyone's help to cast a vote for us to nominate us to be Dot Londoner of the Year. 

To vote for us  ( many thanks in advance ) : 

  1. Click on the following link,  http://awards.london/dot-londoner-of-the-year.php 
  2.  "Click to Vote" for IAMA.LONDON
  3. Enter your email address to submit the vote  

Awards ceremony will be on the 21st January, 2016 and the results will be announced then.

Pick Me Up London @ Somerset House

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Pick Me Up - a yearly Graphics Arts Festival that is hosted in Somerset House is one of our most favoured yearly exhibition in London. 

It is not only an event that showcases a lot of wonderful graphics artists - where the artists create work through a number of different mediums, from Photographs, Watercolour, Print, Sculptures etc. The 12 day Graphics Art Festival at the Embankment Galleries at Somerset House also hosts a number of interactive workshops. This year, for example there are book binding workshop from Hato Press, Screen printing from Peckham Print Studio, Cats and Pugs Bunting Making with Gemma Correll with Ohh Deer.

Apart from interactive workshops, there is also a number of very interesting talks given from publishers and agencies that represents artists and illustrators. The link attached will allow you to download this year's Pick Me Up Schedule. 

We are very lucky (and super duper over the moon) to have our work both stocked at Rizzoli Bookshop at Somerset House, as well as this year's Pick Me Up Festival. We can't thank the team at Rizzoli Bookshop any much more especially to see our work nestled seamlessly amongst other artists.

Pick Me Up Somerset House Shop.jpg
Pick Me Up Somerset House Stationery.jpg

Our English Biscuit Pencils and Happy Thoughts Notebooks along with Magma Books and The School of Life.

Our Have a Lucky One Badge Message Card along with Leather notebooks from Undercover, The Psychology of Colour Colouring Pencils Set and Aphorisms Cards from The School of Life

Pick Me Up 2015 Event Details :

Date : 23 April 2015 - 4 May 2015

Time : 10am - 6pm (Wednesday and Thursdays Late until 10pm)

Location : Somerset House, Embankment Galleries, South Wing

P.S. We suggest getting a Festival Pass for Pick Me Up so you can drop in any time during the 12 day event.

OMG 1 week to Top Drawer

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We are 1 week away from our first trade fair at Top Drawer London . Excited! Just couple of days into the new year and it's been H-E-C-T-I-C , we have officially entered status "Busy Bee Land". 

First off, we are getting new products ready. Yay! New product launch. From the lovely feedback we have received from our customers at Old Street we are attempting to push out new products in 2 weeks ( yes, with the holidays in between... eek! slightly mad but we have got to just try it ) , designing our product catalogue and also prepping for our stand. I AM A mad smiley!

Ok. Now, product catalogue. Must fess up, it was not straight forward in deciding which products to include into the catalogue , here's the trail of thoughts :

  1. Top sellers from Old Street
  2. Fun factor
  3. Eeny, meeny, miny, mo ( Yup, you betcha -  We run out of juice and reasons too. )

For the product catalogue cover design, we will include a shade of Green. Yum! So far, green has not really been a featured colour in I AM A, maybe it's time. N'est-ce pas?

Here's a glimpse of the product catalogue cover, with a seamless striped pattern :


P.S. Eternally grateful to all the suppliers, printers, whom have given us time slots to make sure our new products, catalogues are delivered on time for Top Drawer.

I AM A Stationery Gift Store Opens at London Old Street Underground

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Yay! I AM A Stationery Gift store has arrived at London Old Street Underground station! We are OPEN - hip hip hooray! 

For our pop up store design, this is our approach : our stationery gift products are colourful, we wanted to create an ambience of a book store where people can enjoy and take time to immerse into the products and have a good giggle at it. Hence, we have taken a more white "clinical" approach to the asethetics to the store.

White back wall, plywood shelves with white metal brackets - a clean background to display the multi color block English Idioms notebooks.

Clear see through pyrex clinical beakers as pencil stands for the themed pencil sets, natural color peg board for our alphabet wall to fit the alphabet badges from A to Z.

Neon pink vinyl to display our range of products like a menu, and also our I AM A photo wall to allow people to express themselves and tell us their state of mind. And of course, smiley. He appears at the light box, with one side of the light box being the logo and the other being smiley so that he smiles at all the commuter to Old Street Underground station.

Here's some photos of the store, come visit us and have fun. We are only here for 2 weeks till the 14th December 2014.


Our store front, yay, baby - we have all your stationery gifts ready for gifting!


Neon pink vinyl menu on the side wall 


Our white paper carrier bag packaging. We have received a lot of awesome love from it and great comments. Every one had a good smile from it, we even had a number of offers just to buy the carriers. Pretty flattered.


We love to make you smile - smiley smiling to all commuters to Old Street Underground station! Yipppeee!

It's the gifting season. Gift stationery this Christmas and we will happily tailor your christmas gifts to your budget.

We would like to thank the Appear Here team for preparing and coordinating the lease for us, London Underground to let us make you smile at Old Street Underground station. and Love Print who applied our lovely neon pink cut vinyl.

I AM A Stationery Gift Store Old Street Pop Up Store : London Underground Invite

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3 weeks to go to the launch of our Pop Up store at Old Street. It's our first time running a pop up store, ( yes ... and definitely getting the heebie jeebies ) to showcase I AM A.

Yay, the invites!  We have designed both a digital format of the invite ( yes! with animation of course ) and a hard copy post card size invite.

We will be in Old Street Underground station, and a lover of the London Underground who loves to commute on it. We took inspiration from the London Underground tube map and made our invite out of it. The digital animated version is a travelling one ( woohoo ! ) - he he with a pink smiley circle dot traveling around the tube lines ! Secretly, if there were a tube line for I AM A... ( we do day dream big )  it will surely be a stripy Neon Pink line called "Smiley Express" and the stop for our store will be Smileville. 

P.S. You are invited. Don't forget to bring your invite with you, as you get a discount with it at the store!