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I AM A Stationery Gift Store Old Street Pop Up Store : London Underground Invite

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3 weeks to go to the launch of our Pop Up store at Old Street. It's our first time running a pop up store, ( yes ... and definitely getting the heebie jeebies ) to showcase I AM A.

Yay, the invites!  We have designed both a digital format of the invite ( yes! with animation of course ) and a hard copy post card size invite.

We will be in Old Street Underground station, and a lover of the London Underground who loves to commute on it. We took inspiration from the London Underground tube map and made our invite out of it. The digital animated version is a travelling one ( woohoo ! ) - he he with a pink smiley circle dot traveling around the tube lines ! Secretly, if there were a tube line for I AM A... ( we do day dream big )  it will surely be a stripy Neon Pink line called "Smiley Express" and the stop for our store will be Smileville. 

P.S. You are invited. Don't forget to bring your invite with you, as you get a discount with it at the store!