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DIY Sandwich Wrap

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With the Queen's 90th birthday this weekend and the picnic season in the loom. Sandwiches are much called for. It will be one of the street party foods served during the street party at the Mall at the Patron's Lunch. Many neighborhoods across the UK will also be celebrating with their own street party or having a picnic. We had a peek at Marks and Spencer's website on what will be served at the Patron's lunch to 10,000 people celebrating along with the Queen - all we can say it is definitely nothing short of YUM and will be an absolute fun outdoor affair. Rain clouds... please make way for the sun. ☀️

We love picnics. One of the best past times we enjoy. With the sandwich featured in most picnics, afternoon teas and parties, let's dress them up and make them fun.

This tutorial is perfect for any sandwich shapes and sizes. Whether the sandwiches are finger sandwiches, baguettes, wraps, rolls, baps, triangular sandwiches etc., these wrappers will be applicable. Yay! ( We hope Nigella, Delia and Mary Berry - the domestic goddesses which totally inspire us will approve of this. )

Ingredients : 

  • Sandwiches of your choice 
  • Scissors
  • Sandwich wrap template downloadable from this link
  • A4 paper
  • Printer
  • Washi tape or Cellotape  

Method :

 1. Download the template and print it. Each sheet contains 3 strips in 3 different colors. If you are making a mixture of sandwiches, we have made 3 in this tutorial including Cucumber Sandwich, Coronation Chicken Sandwich and Egg and Cress Sandwich, it's a good way to differentiate the sandwiches by color coding them via three different color strips. 

2. Depends on the size of your sandwiches, roughly each paper stripe is good for 2 small sandwiches for example finger sandwiches or baguette, or 1 large sandwich. 

3. Trim strips from template with scissors. If you have crimping scissors, it will be fun to give the strips a border. Scallop edge scissors are used in the example.

4. Take a ready filled sandwich and using one strip to wrap around, measure to size roughly how much paper strip you'd need. Measure and cut to size enough strips to cover the sandwiches you had prepared. 


5. Wrap paper strips around the sandwiches. Securely with cellotape, sticker, washi tape or even twine or a piece of string.

So here it is - all done! Bring out the bunting, or picnic mats, or some nice China, feast and have fun with your friends and family whether it's an outdoor picnic, afternoon tea, or home parties.


P.S. Using a mixture of different breads for example multigrain for one type of sandwich or rye on another. Same goes for filling the sandwiches in different bread shapes will be fun too.

We are curious to know what's your favorite sandwich fillings. Feel free to tag your sandwiches #iamacrafts to be featured. Bon appétit ! 😋

DIY Picnic Menu Cutlery Holder

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It's the picnic season! Yay! With unpredictable weather fronts (Yup! We Brits love some weather chin wag ☀️⛈☔️), we should have a picnic regardless. Apart from waiting for the weather to turn sunnier, the alternative is to bring the outdoors in and have an indoor picnic - why not?

Whether it is indoor or outdoor we want to maximise the fun. With plenty of very cute and lovely picnic plates and accessories around, for example Tiger Stores have some rather sweet stripey paper plates and dinky paper plates which are amazing for cakes 🍰 - perfect to fit a slice of Battenberg cake and Bakewell Tarts as we did in our picnic photo shoot. Also at Tiger Stores look out for some pretty cool fries holder which we have used for holding carrot sticks. Marks and Spencer has a lovely confetti pattern paper plate set and of course Meri Meri they have some very sweet flowery Liberty print party paper plates.

To compliment the cute cutlery, paper plates we have a tutorial where we will make some cutlery holders or chopsticks holders with a hidden menu. This is also perfect for dinner parties at home when you want to tell your guests a little bit about the food or even include a pre dinner game. So let's begin the fun!


 Ingredients :

  • Book of wrapping paper for Small Presents or any wrapping paper or A4 paper you have
  • Scissors / Cutter
  • Cutlery / Chopsticks
  • Ruler
  • Cutting Mat (if you are using a cutter) 
  • Printer if you are printing the menu / Pencil or Pen if you are handwriting it

Method :


1. Write or print the menu on to the selected sheet of wrapping paper. If you are using our wrapping paper book one sheet of wrapping paper will yield 2 sets of cutlery holders. Take note, we did mark a guide in the middle of the paper to make it easier to split the paper in half. It's also just as easy to fold the piece of paper in half to mark the middle line.


2. Split the paper with the menu written on it into 2 halves. We have found using a cutter easier in this case as have created a split line. Scissors will just be as straight forward.


3. Take one of the split sheets, with the pattern side facing down and menu side facing up, fold it in half.


4. Fold once more in half. 


5. Fold the opposite side in half. 


6.  Open up the sheet. Turn the sheet lengthways and fold a triangle, starting from the bottom right hand corner to the second fold line.


7.  Fold down a small triangle, starting from the top right side of the sheet to the first line of the fold.


8. Start from the small triangle side, fold over once.


9. Repeat the fold, by folding over one more time. 


10. Using the bottom right triangle, fold up to form a rectangle.


11. Rotate the rectangle left, i.e. Have the rectangle facing upright. Then fold up roughly 0.5cm from the bottom. This will help create a seal for the cutlery holder.


12. Flip over the rectangle and here you go! A cutlery holder with a surprise hidden menu is made. Start slotting in your cutlery! Repeat the above steps to make more cutlery holders. 


In Central London, here are a few places we love to have a picnic :

  • Hyde Park
  • Coram's Fields
  • Lincoln's Inn Fields
  • Primrose Hill
  • Regent's Park
  • Victoria Park
  • Green Park
  • St. James's Park

Have  a yummilicious and fun picnic - Happy feasting! 😋🍽


Last Minute Gift - Hand Tie Bouquet

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Uh oh! We are due to visit a friend and are stuck for ideas for gifts. Whoops. 😰 Left it a bit too late again.

As we are officially in spring, flowers come straight into mind. We love gifting handmade gifts - to us, it's the personal touch, there is just something magical and touching about it. Something unique, something you have created, your own mark.

Recently in our local supermarket, we have been spotting some really beautiful tulips, they have two color shades on them, a bit like oriental lilies but with a more rounded edge. So why not make a hand tie bouquet since tulips are in season? 🌷

To add a personal touch, we have used our wrapping paper, which is perfect for this occasion as it is perfectly trimmed for small bouquets e.g for half to a dozen of tulips, or roses. Thought about using mini roses too for this bouquet as there was a beautiful orange bunch, but the heart has been stolen by the beautiful dual tone on the tulips. 

This is how we made our bouquet:

1) Trimmed the leaves and ends of the stalks 

2) Blot dry any excess water. If you are traveling a long distance or have a good few hours to go before you pass on your gift. You may wrap a soaked cotton wool with water and bind it with cling film. Making sure the water doesn't seep through the cling film to dampen the paper but enough to keep the flowers moist. 

3) Tie the bouquet with a rubber band

4) Choose and tear a sheet of wrapping paper from the Gift Wrapping paper book 

5) Lay the wrapping paper in a landscape view. Lay the flowers on top about 45 degrees of the wrapping paper.

6) Roll wrapping paper to form a cone around the bouquet.

7) Secure with your choice of ribbon.  

Et voilà ! A little quick and easy handmade gift, (That you made it yourself! High five! 🙌) - a perfect, small personalised present. 💐 

hand tie tulip bouquet.jpg

How to Make A Match Box Advent Calendar

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1st Decemeber! That's one of our favorite dates in the year. Why? It's 24 days to Christmas - and every morning, we can pop open the windows of our advent calendar, which only happens in the month of December. Every day, we eagerly look forward, to unveiling a little surprise - and of course, every day just gets that little bit closer to Christmas. Yay!!!

If like us, you like making something, and like gifting sweet little gifts, this tutorial on making your own advent calendar may be just up your alley.

customised match boxes.jpg

Tools, Materials and Ingredients

  • 24 match boxes ( recycling old match boxes will be the best )
  • scissors
  • double sided tape or glue ( our preference is to use a sticky tape roller such as the "Bostik Sticki Tape Roller" available from Ryman, as it keeps all sticking job dry and neat)
  • 24 little gifts to fill the match boxes
  • 3 pieces of A4 paper to print the numbered Match box wrappers that can be downloaded here
DIY Advent Calendar.jpg

Cut each individual dates out and use either double sided tape or glue to attach the designs to the boxes. The designs will work for small rectangular boxes too. The idea is to make sure the designs cover the top of the box, or wrap around the box in the case of a match box. 

DIY Fun Christmas Number Match Box Advent Calednar.jpg

After the boxes are numbered with the individual days, fill them with little gifts. Our favorites have included: 

  • tictacs 
  • gold / silver chocolate coins available from Waitrose
  • finger tattoos available from Paperchase
  • hair bobbles
  • key rings
  • glitter paper clips
  • stickers  
  • hand written messages  
  • vouchers
  • pin badges
  • lottery ticket  
  • nail clipper
  • cute buttons
  • matches (why not?) 
Match Box DIY Christmas Advent Calendar.jpg

After the boxes are filled. Mix them around to mix around the dates.

To display the match boxes, you can affix these boxes on to the wall with tape that does not strip off the paint from the wall e.g. 3M Command Poster Mounting Adhesive Strips, or simply line them up on a mantelpiece.

Have fun and happy counting down to Christmas!

Number Match Boxes Typography Advent Calendar.jpg