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DIY Sandwich Wrap

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With the Queen's 90th birthday this weekend and the picnic season in the loom. Sandwiches are much called for. It will be one of the street party foods served during the street party at the Mall at the Patron's Lunch. Many neighborhoods across the UK will also be celebrating with their own street party or having a picnic. We had a peek at Marks and Spencer's website on what will be served at the Patron's lunch to 10,000 people celebrating along with the Queen - all we can say it is definitely nothing short of YUM and will be an absolute fun outdoor affair. Rain clouds... please make way for the sun. ☀️

We love picnics. One of the best past times we enjoy. With the sandwich featured in most picnics, afternoon teas and parties, let's dress them up and make them fun.

This tutorial is perfect for any sandwich shapes and sizes. Whether the sandwiches are finger sandwiches, baguettes, wraps, rolls, baps, triangular sandwiches etc., these wrappers will be applicable. Yay! ( We hope Nigella, Delia and Mary Berry - the domestic goddesses which totally inspire us will approve of this. )

Ingredients : 

  • Sandwiches of your choice 
  • Scissors
  • Sandwich wrap template downloadable from this link
  • A4 paper
  • Printer
  • Washi tape or Cellotape  

Method :

 1. Download the template and print it. Each sheet contains 3 strips in 3 different colors. If you are making a mixture of sandwiches, we have made 3 in this tutorial including Cucumber Sandwich, Coronation Chicken Sandwich and Egg and Cress Sandwich, it's a good way to differentiate the sandwiches by color coding them via three different color strips. 

2. Depends on the size of your sandwiches, roughly each paper stripe is good for 2 small sandwiches for example finger sandwiches or baguette, or 1 large sandwich. 

3. Trim strips from template with scissors. If you have crimping scissors, it will be fun to give the strips a border. Scallop edge scissors are used in the example.

4. Take a ready filled sandwich and using one strip to wrap around, measure to size roughly how much paper strip you'd need. Measure and cut to size enough strips to cover the sandwiches you had prepared. 


5. Wrap paper strips around the sandwiches. Securely with cellotape, sticker, washi tape or even twine or a piece of string.

So here it is - all done! Bring out the bunting, or picnic mats, or some nice China, feast and have fun with your friends and family whether it's an outdoor picnic, afternoon tea, or home parties.


P.S. Using a mixture of different breads for example multigrain for one type of sandwich or rye on another. Same goes for filling the sandwiches in different bread shapes will be fun too.

We are curious to know what's your favorite sandwich fillings. Feel free to tag your sandwiches #iamacrafts to be featured. Bon appétit ! 😋