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Last Minute Gift - Hand Tie Bouquet

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Uh oh! We are due to visit a friend and are stuck for ideas for gifts. Whoops. 😰 Left it a bit too late again.

As we are officially in spring, flowers come straight into mind. We love gifting handmade gifts - to us, it's the personal touch, there is just something magical and touching about it. Something unique, something you have created, your own mark.

Recently in our local supermarket, we have been spotting some really beautiful tulips, they have two color shades on them, a bit like oriental lilies but with a more rounded edge. So why not make a hand tie bouquet since tulips are in season? 🌷

To add a personal touch, we have used our wrapping paper, which is perfect for this occasion as it is perfectly trimmed for small bouquets e.g for half to a dozen of tulips, or roses. Thought about using mini roses too for this bouquet as there was a beautiful orange bunch, but the heart has been stolen by the beautiful dual tone on the tulips. 

This is how we made our bouquet:

1) Trimmed the leaves and ends of the stalks 

2) Blot dry any excess water. If you are traveling a long distance or have a good few hours to go before you pass on your gift. You may wrap a soaked cotton wool with water and bind it with cling film. Making sure the water doesn't seep through the cling film to dampen the paper but enough to keep the flowers moist. 

3) Tie the bouquet with a rubber band

4) Choose and tear a sheet of wrapping paper from the Gift Wrapping paper book 

5) Lay the wrapping paper in a landscape view. Lay the flowers on top about 45 degrees of the wrapping paper.

6) Roll wrapping paper to form a cone around the bouquet.

7) Secure with your choice of ribbon.  

Et voilà ! A little quick and easy handmade gift, (That you made it yourself! High five! 🙌) - a perfect, small personalised present. 💐 

hand tie tulip bouquet.jpg