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Santa Claus is Real in London

Christmas, photographyI AM AComment

Just like where’s wally, Santa spotting has just gotten real in London, especially via instagram account @SantaClausLondon. Follow to see Mr. Santa Claus, for real.

Pink Bananas

photographyI AM AComment

If all our fruits were pink. First, Bananas. Ab fab pink bananas images created by HaloKidnapper. Cool bananas!

Paper Lover's Favourite Pantone Palettes

photography, colourI AM AComment

As paper and stationery lovers, these pantone palettes will be something we can't live without. From washi paper, glitter, sprinkles, holographic, confetti. Simply fun! Thank you Maria Marie for these wonderful pantone shots that are perfect compliments to any paper projects. Just like add-ons we need for any ice cream sundae. Sweet. 

Floral Arrangements Balloon Style

photography, design, colourI AM AComment

Berlin based artist Sarah Illenberger's new work Solid Air which features photography prints of balloon floral bouquets are a real joy. The fun composition of balloons in different colours, shapes and pattern captured in these photo prints are wünderbar! The colour combinations are a real pop of joy. Florally pleased flower arrangements. 

Let's Stair Staircase Photography

photography, designI AM AComment

Let's stare. These wonderful stairs and staircases are a subset found under the Instagram hashtag #ihavethisthingwithstairs. Clearly we love a good stare, (stair in this case) at these architectural beauts.

Pantone Fruit Smoothie

yum, photographyI AM AComment

Pantone Smoothie a project by Michael Kushner and Hedvig Kushner that documents delicious fruity smoothie recipes along with a matching pantone smoothie swatch. Yum!

Colourful Houses Bring Smiles

photography, designI AM AComment

German artist Janusz Grünspek has photographed a series of work namely Urban Pics featuring colourful house facades including rainbows, dreamy pastels, strong bold bright colours including purples and pinks, but our favourite houses are the ones that make faces from the facades. (Spot the orange ones!)

Images courtesy of Janusz Grünspek's instagram account @janusz.gruenspek. In addition check out his beautiful sculptures it makes us smile too! 

Plants on Pink

photographyI AM AComment

Despite the trends and abundance of millennial pink around the Internet, there is just something pretty and warming about the colour combination of plants matched up with different shades of pink backgrounds. The Instagram account by Lotte Van Baalen magically captures just this, and aptly named Plants on Pink .

Plants On Pink.png