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UK Public Transport Sorry For The Inconvenience

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With many different transport providers in Britain our public commute can get disruptive. Thanks to website “Sorry For The Inconvenience” , it keeps us up to date with transport disruptions and apologies by aggregating all the apologies broadcasted by different transport providers across the UK in one website. After all, the British is well known for apologising.

The website has a landing page designed to look like a British train ticket (cute!), and all the different transport provider represented in their respective brand colours. From pink for Hammersmith and City line on the London Underground, likewise yellow for the Circle line, to orange for Easy Jet, blue and yellow for Eurostar.

On Board the London Underground

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Choo choo! Our London Underground pencils have been awarded a royalty license registration number by the Transport of London. Hence, the pencils are a licensed product by Transport of London.

In terms of design, we are allowed to include the iconic Underground Roundel logo, and use the specific New Johnston font that is used specifically for London Underground onto our pencils and packaging.

Moving forward, all the new packaging of the London Underground pencils will contain the registration number. Our awarded number is Transport for London Registered User No. 15/5062.

Thank you to the Commercial Licensing team of the Transport of London for guiding us through the royalties process. Yay!