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Sow Blooming Plants

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Ey up duck! Daylight Savings this weekend, 1 less hour to decide what to plant. SOW... why not follow our guide from our new English Gardener's Pencils Set :

english gardening gardeners stationery pencils.jpg

The colours of our pencils are designed to reflect the actual petals and stamen.

The plants and the flowers chosen that are perfect for Gardeners or if you have friends that are interested in botany. This include:

  • Poppy (red petals, and black stamen)
  • Daffodil (yellow outer petals, and orange inner petals)
  • Forget me Not (blue petals and yellow stamen)
  • Sweet Pea (lilac petals and purple stamen)
  • Cactus (green stem and silver white spikes) 
  • Venus Flytrap (green leaves and red flowers)

Have a bloomtastic weekend + P.S. Forget me Not.