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Fashion In Paper Cut Style

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With London Fashion Week in town, the new Christian Dior exhibition and the Great British sewing bee back on the telly box, plenty of fashion events happening around in London. This reminds us of a very beautifully made series of paper sculptures made by paper artist Matthew Sporzynski that is focussed on objects related to fashion, couture, handbag and shoes for magazine Real Simple. J’adore.

Paper City Architecture

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Paperholm, a growing paper city project made by Edinburgh based artist Charles Young. This paper project started as a daily project in 2014 with new additions every day, with near 1,000 paper structures created. 

Paper has been used to create stunning architectures covering all sorts of themes from Olympic building, ferris wheel, cabin etc. that are brought to life with additional building details from pop up details, to moving cars to add movement to this lovely paper city and to create animation of moving buildings. 

Magical, genius, fascinating and super cute. 

Fine Wildlife Papercut

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Ultra, über fine wildlife nature inspired papercut, by San Francisco based papercut artist Kanako Abe.  The intricate and delicate paper cut technique is based on Ise-katagami (伊勢型紙) - a traditional Japanese paper craft technique composed of fine repeated patterns and shapes bringing these squirrels, bears, butterflies, forest plants and wildlife to life! 

Definitely no cabin fever, but an inspiration to head out to the woods!

Photos courtesy of Kanako Abe's Instagram account @abemanatee

Cardboard British Biscuits

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Biscuits are always on our minds, especially during elevenses, when biscuits are dunked in a hot drink. Mark O'Brien a cardboard craftsman based in Manchester crafts amazing objects out of cardboard as props for theatres, shop displays etc. The objects he has created included shoes, robots, post boxes. Our favourite, however, are definitely these signature British biscuits including Custard Cream, Pink Wafer, Digestive, Party Ring, Bourbon cream - not dunkable but definitely adorable.

British Biscuits.jpg