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Isle of Dogs - Possible Stationery Addict

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We are a fan of the latest Wes Anderson film of Isle of Dogs (犬ヶ島). We have visited their London exhibition at The Store X on The Strand, don't miss out on the exhibition if you haven't been yet as you will get to see about 17 different scenes from the films and the lovely puppets.

The film has recently launched something called Daily Scraps with a really cute website name too dailyscraps.dog. This website is a mobile only website, that allows you to have a paw scratch of the infamous trash sacks that are deposited onto Megasaki and may have a chance of winning some amazing Isle of Dogs merchandise / film props - i.e. your puppy snaps. Dream eh?

puppy snaps bag.jpg

One thing we have discovered is that we think there could be a stationery fan in Isle of Dogs. Whilst we had a scratch and sniff around the scrap bags in hope to find our puppy snaps, we unveiled stationery! Woohoo! Definitely no trash to us, we hit treasure! We found beautifully illustrated stationery and text books aligned to the same quirky design aesthetics of the film along with japanese translation and pronunciation of each of the stationery goodies. There's even a cook book. Yum! Although we may have yet to win any Puppy Scraps, we have scored the opportunity to see some super duper adorable stationery illustrations instead! A cute beaut to feast the eyes with. 

Images courtesy from DailyScraps.dog / Isle Of Dogs Movie.

We also particularly love this behind the scene clip on how some of the Isle of Dogs puppets are made and the intricate details that have gone into make the stop-motion film. Happy puppy snaps time!