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Japanese Way Of Saying Thanks With Origami

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When simple chopsticks wrappers are transformed into beautiful objects, or animals through folding and creasing in the form of origami, it makes a lovely reciprocal way to say thank you to a restaurant. A form of "silent" but simple and elegant communication method between the customers and the restaurant to say thank you. 

"Japanese Tip" is a project by Yuki Tatsumi, that just does precisely that. Tip not in the way of monetary form, but of origami objects that have been created and folded by patrons of restaurants from chopstick wrappers that have visited restaurants from different parts of Japan. Restaurants including sushi, izakaya, cafes etc. A heart warming collection of objects that will make you smile. Over 8,000 of "tip objects" have been collected. 

Photos courtesy of Japanese Tip.

Kobe Snoopy Peanuts Hotel

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This makes us really happy. Woohoo! For all the Peanuts / Snoopy fans out there we are so glad to know that there will be a Peanuts Hotel opening in Kobe, Japan on the 1st August 2018. According to the website, room and hotel booking will commence on the 9th July at 10am, Japan time. 

Snippets from the Peanuts Hotel instagram account are lovely, fun, clean graphics that will be used in the 18-room hotel which will be spread across 3 different floors, where each floor will hold the theme of "Happy", "Love" and "Imagine". Snoopy, you are so cool, Joe Cool!