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HB Hexagon Pencil Addict

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Yay! Pencil addict found. It’s lovely to encounter a pencil addict online that shares the same love of hexagon pencils. Hooray! Hello fellow pencil addict!

Two days away from National Pencil Day (30th March 2019), one of our favourite national days in the year. We have found artist. Bashir Sultani, who makes cosmic galaxy art with salt on his YouTube channels, but has also been making animated gifs and forming words, shapes, and logos with sharpened yellow HB hexagon pencils on his instagram account.

Hexagon Pencil Animations

Hexagon Pencils Arrangement

Paper City Architecture

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Paperholm, a growing paper city project made by Edinburgh based artist Charles Young. This paper project started as a daily project in 2014 with new additions every day, with near 1,000 paper structures created. 

Paper has been used to create stunning architectures covering all sorts of themes from Olympic building, ferris wheel, cabin etc. that are brought to life with additional building details from pop up details, to moving cars to add movement to this lovely paper city and to create animation of moving buildings. 

Magical, genius, fascinating and super cute. 

Sol Hot Illustrations

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Hello sunshine, hello heatwave! Sun's out time to give our nod to the sun via mixed media collages with gold glitter accents (love) from Paris based Venezuelan graphic artist and animation director Carlín Díaz.