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New 3 Pack

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We have been enjoying working on collaborations. One of our latest is with The Clever Badger. They are a super duper cute company, based in Kent that sells an array of very fun cards, stationery and gifts. In addition, they have a monthly subscription box of goodies called "Badger Box".

Back in May we started a conversation on working together on a customised item for their themed boxes. (Hooray!!! We are absolutely chuffed to bits.) The theme was Office Life - Working Nine to Five.

To suit budget and the purpose of the gift box, we worked on new packaging for a set of 3 pencils, as our standard size has so far been a pack size of 6.

We are so pleased to see how the new pack size turns out after a few rounds of testing with our peel and seal plastic bag manufacturer in Nottingham, which works at the speed of lightning in terms of turnaround - absolutely awesome manufacturer. A big thank you to them!

Last but not least, the printing of new paper pencil band wrappers to fit the new pack size. YAY! Et voila - we have a new pack size of 3 pencils. 

If you are interested to have your own set of 3 pencils, please contact us via our Contact Us page and we look forward to working together with you on your ideas. 

Carsten Höller : Decision

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There's always plenty to do in London, but often requires some planning ahead, especially when a large number of activities require advanced booking.

Decisions! Decisions! Carsten Höller's exhibition titled "Decision" is definitely the best decision to plan ahead as an activity to do this summer. (We tried on a June Saturday to see if we can get last minute tickets - no luck). There's a silver lining : soaking up the open air market atmosphere, along with a Pimm's and a stroll along the banks! 

Photo courtesy of  Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre  for "Carsten Höller : Decision"

Photo courtesy of Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre for "Carsten Höller : Decision"

The exhibition is never short of FUN and WIT. Ever so engaging that my 12 year old self decided to repossess me again, chuckling with curiosity, wanting to touch everything. As soon as we are allowed to touch something - green lights would definitely flash in my head and hands, gushing "wow" every step I took and of course: pure exhilaration. 

This is truly an immersive exhibition, you can fully engage with the exhibits (or did we transform ourselves as part of the exhibits too)? 

Rarely do we fear of missing out "FOMO", if anything, this will be one of them. So, book your tickets now and don't miss out on the exhibition. It's on from now till 6th September, 2015 at Hayward Gallery, Southbank centre.  

Check out the gift store, that's part of the exhibition is full of very colorful and fun goodies perfectly curated for the exhibition. (There's even chocolate too! Yay!)

We are ever so grateful to Southbank Centre once again. It has been a wonderful collaboration to work together to produce a set of customised pencils sets for such an amazing exhibition! These pencils, namely "Choice Words" are only available at Southbank Centre for limited quantities. Rainbow shades, and meaningful words when making a decision in matte silver foiling. 

If you are unable to make it to the exhibition (which will be a huge shame), you will also be able to pick up these pencils online at the Southbank Centre shop via this link.

Tickety Boo!

P.S. We love every single detail in the exhibition. Don't forget to check out the "Hayward Gallery" building sign on the exterior of the building. Even that has something "changed" to suit the occasion! Delightfully apt.