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Edible Chocolate Crayons

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A drawing kit where the paper and crayons are both edible is a dream come true. Yummy.

Brought to you by Shanghai based design studio Rong in collaboration with chocolate brand Ameno. Simply genius.

Flavours (or colours) include dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry chocolate, and matcha chocolate.

edible chocolate crayons.jpg
edible chocolate drawing kit.jpg

Santa Claus is Real in London

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Just like where’s wally, Santa spotting has just gotten real in London, especially via instagram account @SantaClausLondon. Follow to see Mr. Santa Claus, for real.

Let It Snow On Paper Mountains

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As the mercury drops, Christmas is near, this has us thinking about snow capped mountains.

This photo shoot on Paper Mountains by photographer Bruno Drummond with beautiful geometric shaped mountains created by set designer Hattie Newman captures exactly that.

Waiting for snow …

Christmas Emojis From Finland

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland has created some iconic emojis to celebrate the culture and important icons of Finland.

From Christmas emojis, where, of course Santa is a part; as Santa lives in Korvatunturi, Lapland, and the reindeers too! Iconic inventions including the Nokia 3310 phone (remember the snake game and that iconic phone tune), and the Finnish traditions such as the Sauna, Moomin are all part of this super cute emoji set.

Can’t wait to see these super cute emojis being animated into short Christmas animations. Ho ho ho!

These cute icons are available to download via iTunes on the Apple Store / Google Play.

Hashtag #PaperLeaves

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On Instagram, search by using hashtag #PaperLeaves to discover all the different varieties of leaves made from paper. Monstera, oxalis, rex begonia, rubber plant, variegated plant leaves; leaves created from painting, cutting, folding, creasing. For real, beleaf - plants definitely make people happy.

NHS, Yes, Yes, Yes

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It's NHS70! This year, the NHS, one of Britain's most prized institution celebrates its 70th anniversary. To thank such an amazing healthcare service we have in the UK, designer Carl Godfrey has designed an enamel pin badge to thank and fundraise for the NHS. 

The blue badge uses the signature font and colours of the NHS blue paired with it's italicised font. NHS is reinterpreted in a clever and cheeky way that says "NH-YES"! The badges can be found on the NH-Yes Website

All profits raised will be donated to the charity NHS Charities Together

Thank you to all the healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, volunteers, support and research staff to keeping us healthy and safe. 

All images from Carl Godfrey's / NH-Yes website. 

Pink Bananas Are Real

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If all our fruits were pink. First, Bananas. Ab fab pink bananas images created by HaloKidnapper. Cool bananas!

Greeting Cards Now In Urban Outfitters

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Yay! A selection of our "Don't Be Blue, Scratch and Smile" are now available in Urban Outfitters, both online and in stores. 

Here's a glimpse of the selection of greeting cards, find them by click through the link in photos: