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We Make You Smile

Sol Hot Illustrations

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Hello sunshine, hello heatwave! Sun's out time to give our nod to the sun via mixed media collages with gold glitter accents (love) from Paris based Venezuelan graphic artist and animation director Carlín Díaz.

Korean Cake Palette

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Cake for breakfast, cake for lunch, cake for tea, cake at all times. Wonderful dreamiest pastel cake palette and cake shapes. Cherry on top of a cake.

Cake of dreams, found on Instagram from a korean dessert shop 바나나하루키, Banana Table, via instagram account Banana_Haruki

Japanese Kakigori A Heatwave Remedy

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Cooling desserts are a must. A dessert that is cute, fruity, colourful, refreshing, and cooling at the same time, our top picks will come from the Japanese dessert of Kakigori かき氷, or a slush puppy.

A dessert commonly found in Japan that we love it so much we even have a card on it.  As we should all meet for Kakigori, as it's a wonderful experience to see ice beautifully shaved from the ice machine and topped with all sorts of yummy toppings.

For instant chilling effect, use the hashtag #かき氷 for more Kakigori finds on Pinterest. Let's take this chill pill and chillax.

Magical Pastel Buildings

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Hop on this magic carpet and see lovely pastels colours from peach, pink, lilac, mint, turquoise, blue hues on historical Indian buildings. We have officially landed on planet pastel.

Beautiful pastel photography of buildings that captures the intricate architectural details of India, and tile patterns by London based photographer and stylist Marioly Vazquez. Please take us there now!

Sculptures Face Off

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Rainbow gradients, stripes, galaxy filled installations from table to walls created by artists Joanne Tatham and Tom O'Sullivan. Love!

Images courtesy of Glasgow based contemporary art gallery, The Modern Institute.

Let's Travel In Pantone Colours

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Lovers of traveling and colours? Discover the hashtag on Instagram #PantoneOntheRoad from Lucia Litman who also brought us other Pantone colour swatching delights.  We particularly love the shade of Vacation, yay vacay!