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Spur Magazine おやつ部

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Arigatōgozaimashita to Spur Magazine in Japan. Thank you for featuring our special editions of Japanese pencils and a lovely write up about your visit to the “Pencil Bar” at Loft Ginza in Tokyo on your blog, we are truly grateful どうもありがとうございました. 

spur magazine loft ginza feature.png

If you enjoy fashion, yummy food and Japanese culture check out Spur Magazine which has both an online and print magazine. 

If like us, you love cakes, pastries and snacks,  you will have to check our their food photos 🍰 , *warning* it will make you go very very very hungry 🤤. SPUR Magazine has even set up a SPUR snack section hashtag "#Spurおやつ部" on Instagram, ultra cute right?

Check it out, some of our favourite snacks include: