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Who loves to doodle? We do. Normally we may draw and doodle on paper, but more often in Photoshop or Illustrator. We stumbled upon this website, set up by google called Quick, Draw! , and if you are a lover of doodling and pictionary. This "game" website is not to be missed.

You will be given 20 seconds to draw a person / object, for example, from our examples below, you could be asked to draw Mona Lisa, French Fries to a Smiley Face, but it could also be as random as the Great Wall of China, a mermaid, or even a houseplant, a wide variety. According to Google's machine learning (or Google coins it Neural Network), based on what you have drawn, it will try to find a match to check what's been illustrated is correct.

The interesting thing is that after 6 games, you could click and find out examples that were drawn by others. With regards, to French Fries, surprised that fries doodled with "M" (Mcdonalds) on the packaging is quite a popular choice. 

There are a total of 50 million drawings that have been inventorised by Google, from over 15 million people that has submitted their illustrations through playing the game. This makes it the world's largest doodling data set.

It's interesting to find out participants have been asked to draw a range of stationery too from Pencils, Markers, Erasers, to Paper Clips. 

Here's a snippet of how people have illustrated a pencil, a paper clip and an eraser in 20 seconds. Have a go at https://quickdraw.withgoogle.com !

(It's fun and addictive).