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Hurrah! We've Won A Design Award!

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Hip hip hooray! We are so happy to be awarded a Bronze Award for our Themed Pencil Set designs by A'Design Award for the category of "Art Materials, Stationery Supplies and Gift Items Design". 

Yay! We are ever so honoured - a huge thank you to A' Design Award team. 

Presented in Italy, A'Design Award is the world's largest design award. The jury panel includes a cross section of design professionals from academics to practitioners internationally including Italy, Spain, France, UK, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Turkey, Australia and many more other countries.

Our themed pencil sets that were chosen for nomination gift pencil sets that have cohesive themes e.g. London Underground, Cockney Rhyming Slangs, English Biscuits pencils etc. To bind the pencils we have chosen to use a neon acrylic ring that matches the theme. This ring is both used as packaging to bind the pencils, or can be used as a necklace / key ring pendant. 

We are simply over the moon!