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World Stationery Day

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It's World Stationery Day! Hurrah! To mark this date we have taken a witty approach.  

Along with our Venus Flytrap pencil from our English Gardener's Pencil collection, we have styled a photo with a Vintage stapler and staples.

The title of this photograph takes the pun "Venus Flytrap Favorite Food : STAPLES" 😂

Hope you are finding as much fun as we do with stationery! Happy #worldstationeryday!

Vintage Stapler Venus Flytrap Stationery.jpg

From the photo above:

1. Vintage Stapler from Youse

2. Venus Flytrap Pencil from English Gardener's Pencil Set

National Stationery Week

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This week is National Stationery Week, and World Stationery Day is on the 29th April 2015. So mark your calendars.

The tag line for this year's National Stationery Week is to #getBritainwriting. Sharpen your pencils and get writing - don't forget to add fun in your stationery collection too.

For our own stationery collection, we like a mix and match of Vintage found stationery and modern ones too.  YOUSE, a stationery store which we found online has a good quirky and fun mix of found vintage stationery.

From the photo above:

1. Vintage Lip Pencil sharpener from Youse

2. OMG Pencil from Morse Code Pencils Set