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World Stationery Day

World Stationery Day

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Yay!!! It's World Stationery Day.  A day which celebrates all things stationery with the world.

One of the key themes that World Stationery Day celebrates is literacy - the importance of being able to write and the importance of writing by hand.

To celebrate this special day as part of National Stationery Week we shot a picture that features writing tools to dress your desk including: our Ready Salted Pencil, part of the English Crisps Pencil set along with Dotty the sharpener. The paper to write on which includes our Mint Condition notebook, our grid Have It Your way notepad and also striped sheets from our book of wrapping paper for small presents, where the sheets not only work well as wrapping paper but also work nicely as letter writing paper. 

Woohoo! We just about have all the stationery that need to kick start any writing projects. ☺️👌 #keepwriting #writingmatters #worldstationeryday

World Stationery Day

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It's World Stationery Day! Hurrah! To mark this date we have taken a witty approach.  

Along with our Venus Flytrap pencil from our English Gardener's Pencil collection, we have styled a photo with a Vintage stapler and staples.

The title of this photograph takes the pun "Venus Flytrap Favorite Food : STAPLES" 😂

Hope you are finding as much fun as we do with stationery! Happy #worldstationeryday!

Vintage Stapler Venus Flytrap Stationery.jpg

From the photo above:

1. Vintage Stapler from Youse

2. Venus Flytrap Pencil from English Gardener's Pencil Set