I AM A - Modern British Stationery, Greeting Cards and Gifts Company

We Make You Smile


I AM A® is a multi-award winning modern British stationery, greeting cards and gifts company. We make you smile through playful design. We love cool design. The kind of goofy, quirky, simple design that makes you gasp, giggle and say, “I love that. I want that!". We keep desks happy.

We create super happy products to delight you. Our product range includes paper goods such as original illustrated, hand lettered greeting cards, wrapping paper, desk planners, notebooks; well-made stationery including pencil sets, pencil sharpeners and very cute lifestyle products such as embroidered patches. Our products are perfect for gifting, self-use and collecting for individuals that are warm, funny, and caring.

We love making fun things. We constantly strive to innovate new products to make you smile. The joy of connecting with people by sending and receiving thoughtful hand written cards; wrapping gifts in lovely smooth paper; taking the time to sharpen pencils and create beautiful pencil shavings. We enjoy old fashioned etiquettes and traditions of meaningful communication, whilst keeping it modern and playful. We mark and celebrate important occasions in life with bold creations bursting with colour and smiles.

Our pencil sets, wrapping paper book both have won design awards from A’ Design Award. Our smiley scratch off scratch cards from our greeting cards range "Don't Be Blue, Scratch and Smile" was a finalist for "GIFT OF THE YEAR 2018" in the "Greetings & Stationery" Category awarded by the Giftware Association.  

Our products can be found in really cool designer, lifestyle and independent shops, galleries and museums in the UK and internationally. This includes Liberty London, Paul Smith, Urban Outfitters, The Conran Shop and many more.

Apart from our standard designs, we also offer bespoke merchandise for exhibitions and for retail including Carsten Höller "Decision" at Hayward Gallery, exclusive editions retail products for Selfridges in London, Japanese lifestyle chain store Loft in Tokyo, and seasonal pop up at Le Bon Marché in Paris; and corporate merchandise for companies including Fenwick and Hush Puppies.

We care for our planet. It is our commitment to produce products in a sustainable way. It is important that a smile and a giggle be part of our end to end processes, from design, production to dispatch – it’s our take on a virtuous smile circle. We want the people who help us make you giggle, to smile, too. This means we make and produce our products with high quality producers in the UK, USA and Japan whilst maintaining environmental consciousness.

We bring that smile back to society too. We partner with a social enterprise in the UK, that employs and trains individuals with learning and physical disabilities, who packs and dispatches all our products with love and care to you. 

A giggle is priceless; it is included into all our products. So, use them and pass on the smile. It’s all part of our smile circle.

Fancy meeting ya!