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Edible Chocolate Stationery Box

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This chocolate box has to be the most stationery nutrient dense gift for stationery lovers. Chocolate crayons, chocolate fountain pen, chocolate mechanical pencil, chocolate pencil sharpener, chocolate scissors…chocolate stationery dreams for the chocolate loving stationery lover.

Super amaze balls chocolate stationery box from Choc On Choc.

Edible Chocolate Crayons

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A drawing kit where the paper and crayons are both edible is a dream come true. Yummy.

Brought to you by Shanghai based design studio Rong in collaboration with chocolate brand Ameno. Simply genius.

Flavours (or colours) include dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry chocolate, and matcha chocolate.

edible chocolate crayons.jpg
edible chocolate drawing kit.jpg

Eraser Photography Study

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Erasers, a stationery accessory that we can't live without especially for pencil lovers. These photos to showcase the eraser from visual artist in Portugal, José Lourenço, depicts the eraser with a lovely balance from colour,  form, shapes, cuteness to functions. Super adorbs!

World Stationery Day

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Yay!!! It's World Stationery Day.  A day which celebrates all things stationery with the world.

One of the key themes that World Stationery Day celebrates is literacy - the importance of being able to write and the importance of writing by hand.

To celebrate this special day as part of National Stationery Week we shot a picture that features writing tools to dress your desk including: our Ready Salted Pencil, part of the English Crisps Pencil set along with Dotty the sharpener. The paper to write on which includes our Mint Condition notebook, our grid Have It Your way notepad and also striped sheets from our book of wrapping paper for small presents, where the sheets not only work well as wrapping paper but also work nicely as letter writing paper. 

Woohoo! We just about have all the stationery that need to kick start any writing projects. ☺️👌 #keepwriting #writingmatters #worldstationeryday

World Stationery Day

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It's World Stationery Day! Hurrah! To mark this date we have taken a witty approach.  

Along with our Venus Flytrap pencil from our English Gardener's Pencil collection, we have styled a photo with a Vintage stapler and staples.

The title of this photograph takes the pun "Venus Flytrap Favorite Food : STAPLES" 😂

Hope you are finding as much fun as we do with stationery! Happy #worldstationeryday!

Vintage Stapler Venus Flytrap Stationery.jpg

From the photo above:

1. Vintage Stapler from Youse

2. Venus Flytrap Pencil from English Gardener's Pencil Set

National Stationery Week

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This week is National Stationery Week, and World Stationery Day is on the 29th April 2015. So mark your calendars.

The tag line for this year's National Stationery Week is to #getBritainwriting. Sharpen your pencils and get writing - don't forget to add fun in your stationery collection too.

For our own stationery collection, we like a mix and match of Vintage found stationery and modern ones too.  YOUSE, a stationery store which we found online has a good quirky and fun mix of found vintage stationery.

From the photo above:

1. Vintage Lip Pencil sharpener from Youse

2. OMG Pencil from Morse Code Pencils Set

Pick Me Up London @ Somerset House

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Pick Me Up - a yearly Graphics Arts Festival that is hosted in Somerset House is one of our most favoured yearly exhibition in London. 

It is not only an event that showcases a lot of wonderful graphics artists - where the artists create work through a number of different mediums, from Photographs, Watercolour, Print, Sculptures etc. The 12 day Graphics Art Festival at the Embankment Galleries at Somerset House also hosts a number of interactive workshops. This year, for example there are book binding workshop from Hato Press, Screen printing from Peckham Print Studio, Cats and Pugs Bunting Making with Gemma Correll with Ohh Deer.

Apart from interactive workshops, there is also a number of very interesting talks given from publishers and agencies that represents artists and illustrators. The link attached will allow you to download this year's Pick Me Up Schedule. 

We are very lucky (and super duper over the moon) to have our work both stocked at Rizzoli Bookshop at Somerset House, as well as this year's Pick Me Up Festival. We can't thank the team at Rizzoli Bookshop any much more especially to see our work nestled seamlessly amongst other artists.

Pick Me Up Somerset House Shop.jpg
Pick Me Up Somerset House Stationery.jpg

Our English Biscuit Pencils and Happy Thoughts Notebooks along with Magma Books and The School of Life.

Our Have a Lucky One Badge Message Card along with Leather notebooks from Undercover, The Psychology of Colour Colouring Pencils Set and Aphorisms Cards from The School of Life

Pick Me Up 2015 Event Details :

Date : 23 April 2015 - 4 May 2015

Time : 10am - 6pm (Wednesday and Thursdays Late until 10pm)

Location : Somerset House, Embankment Galleries, South Wing

P.S. We suggest getting a Festival Pass for Pick Me Up so you can drop in any time during the 12 day event.

Hurrah! We've Won A Design Award!

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I AM A Stationery Themed Pencil Design Award.jpg

Hip hip hooray! We are so happy to be awarded a Bronze Award for our Themed Pencil Set designs by A'Design Award for the category of "Art Materials, Stationery Supplies and Gift Items Design". 

Yay! We are ever so honoured - a huge thank you to A' Design Award team. 

Presented in Italy, A'Design Award is the world's largest design award. The jury panel includes a cross section of design professionals from academics to practitioners internationally including Italy, Spain, France, UK, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Turkey, Australia and many more other countries.

Our themed pencil sets that were chosen for nomination gift pencil sets that have cohesive themes e.g. London Underground, Cockney Rhyming Slangs, English Biscuits pencils etc. To bind the pencils we have chosen to use a neon acrylic ring that matches the theme. This ring is both used as packaging to bind the pencils, or can be used as a necklace / key ring pendant. 

We are simply over the moon!