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We Make You Smile

First, Coffee

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Coffee provides a warm hug, especially when they are held in coffee cups that are illustrated with such bright and warm colours and patterns. More fab coffee cups can be found on Instagram via Coffee Cups of the World

Pie Puns

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Our kind of pies, the right type (literally, and also from a typography perspective), filled with fun puns and lovely decoration, made by Maria Saba .

London Underground Patterns

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With our frequent commute on the London Underground, with the hustle and bustle we sometimes forget to take stock of the beautiful patterns and illustrations that could be found decorating the walls of the London tube stations. Thank you to instagram account Tube Patterns that have documented the graphical commute. 

The below set of tile graphics include patterns from stations including Paddington, Tottenham Court Road, Euston Station, Highbury and Islington and Oxford Circus. Choo choo!

Cake and More Cake

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Cake, cake and more cake. Especially when they are these super cute knitted, crochet, beaded cake delights, one more slice please. They are so intricately made, adorned with sparkling or frosted beads, buttons, that makes the cakes look as good as real. Our favourite pâtisserie discovered to date, on tumblr by illustrator Sekonya. This is cake heaven for cake lovers. 

Not only cakes are available on this Tumblr site, doughnuts, pies, parfait and Japanese desserts such as wagashi and kakigori too. 

Pie is 3.14 and more

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It's clearly pie weather. Brr.... and with the new pie emoji we simply couldn't resist the temptation of not doing a blog post on pie.

Via Instagram we came across these beautiful pie designs via instagram account LokoKitchen. It's beautifully in many ways, the lines, the stacking, the colours, the geometrics to a certain extent that remind of us of spirographs. Definitely more yum and fun than what a normal 3.14 pie circle will have. Delish! Fancy some pie?

12 Days of Christmas

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This is the first year that we have designed a Christmas Card collection. Bon voyage! 👋🎅🏻 We snail mailed our Santa Christmas cards off and remembered an old collection of illustrated Christmas stamps we had.

This stamp collection is based on the lyrics of the Christmas carol “12 Days of Christmas”. The stamp collection included the illustrations of Five Golden Rings, Four Calling birds, Three French Hens, Two turtle doves, and of course a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

For more than 50 years, the Royal Mail releases stamps to celebrate festivities and events in the UK. Just last week, the Christmas stamps for this year have been released. (Yay!) In addition to stamps that have artwork featuring Madonna and Child, there are two stamps, a first class stamp that features Santa and his sleigh and a second class stamp that features a Snowman family.

Both of these stamps were illustrated by two children, selected from a national competition with over 200,000 entries. It’s a set of really cute illustrated stamps. They could be found on the Royal Mail website. We love them. It is only the 4th time in Royal Mail’s 500 year history that children had designed Christmas stamps. We have just picked up some this afternoon for our Christmas post 🎅🏻🎄💌📮-

Santa Claus Card.jpeg
12 Days of Christmas Vintage Stamps.jpeg

Plants on Pink

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Despite the trends and abundance of millennial pink around the Internet, there is just something pretty and warming about the colour combination of plants matched up with different shades of pink backgrounds. The Instagram account by Lotte Van Baalen magically captures just this, and aptly named Plants on Pink .

Plants On Pink.png

British Biscuits

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Biscuits are always on our minds, especially during elevenses, when biscuits are dunked in a hot drink. Mark O'Brien a cardboard craftsman based in Manchester crafts amazing objects out of cardboard as props for theatres, shop displays etc. The objects he has created included shoes, robots, post boxes. Our favourite, however, are definitely these signature British biscuits including Custard Cream, Pink Wafer, Digestive, Party Ring, Bourbon cream - not dunkable but definitely adorable.

British Biscuits.jpg